Games Like 7 Days to Die

Games Like 7 Days to Die

Are you into the thrilling crafting and survival gameplay in 7 Days to Die? Those searching for additional games that have this vibe—tense, strategic, and rife with tenacious enemies—need to look no further. Here is a carefully chosen list of games encapsulating the essence of survival, each offering a unique twist to grip you tightly. Discover worlds overrun by mutant cannibals, prehistoric beasts, or undead creatures! Whether you're a survival expert, these thirteen games will keep you engaged for hours.

Ark: Evolution of Survival

Score on Metacritic: 70/100

Steam Link

Within Ark: In the game Survival Evolved, you become stuck on an enigmatic island populated by other players and extinct animals. Building shelters, making tools, and gathering materials are all essential to survival. Ark is unique because it features a dinosaur-taming function that lets you ride and control the extinct animals roaming the area. Ark is a wild and exciting survival game with a large environment to explore and a persistent threat of danger from other players and wildlife.

The Forest

Score on Metacritic: 83/100

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You are the only survivor of a passenger plane disaster and are forced to fight a civilization of cannibalistic mutants for your life in a strange jungle. The Forest is an open-world survival horror game featuring crafting and construction. You have to construct, explore, and survive in this terrible environment. The terrifying aspect of The Forest, the compelling narrative, and the AI-driven opponents who pick up on your tactics.


Score on Metacritic: 83/100

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Assume that "Honey, I Shrunk the Kids" was a video game about survival. Players in Grounded shrink to the size of ants, turning the backyard into a vast and dangerous wasteland. The main focus of this game is making, exploring, and fighting off now-giant insects. It's a novel, kid-friendly interpretation of the survival genre that pushes players to overcome the difficulties of being little using guile and strategy.

The Zomboid Project

Score on Metacritic: 9 out of 10.

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Project Zomboid is a real-life role-playing game. This open-world game has a tonne of intricate survival mechanisms. Along with swarms of zombies, you also have to deal with sickness, starvation, and mental health issues. As you build shelters, hunt for supplies, and communicate with other survivors, your choice might be between life and death. It offers a realistic, gritty post-apocalyptic setting and is a cult favorite due to its isometric view and intricate survival mechanisms.


IGN Rating: 9/10

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Valheim is a survival and exploration game with Viking influences that takes place in a limbo that is created randomly. To enter Valhalla, you must kill legendary creatures and establish a fortress in this dangerous realm. Valheim is a distinctive and captivating experience emphasizing exploration and battle with its stunning low-poly graphics, robust crafting system, and cooperative gameplay.


Steam Rating: 7/10

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In DayZ, you must live in a world where a virus has transformed most people into violent, infected individuals. In this game, where every person you meet might be a friend or an adversary, the emphasis is on realism and player interaction. In this grim, open-world survival game, scavenge for food, water, weapons, and medication while battling other players and the sick. It's an absorbing game because of its harsh character and lively player interactions.

Survive the Nights

Steam Rating: 6/10

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Survive the Nights is about being ready throughout the day to fight the scary evenings, with a focus on realism and survival techniques. To survive in an undead-infested environment, fortify structures, lay traps, and cooperate with others. Players must consider all their options carefully because the game's main themes are resource management and community defense. It's an uncompromising approach to the survival genre that strongly emphasizes preparation and cooperation.


Steam Rating: 9/10.

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A giant sandbox survival game with a space theme is available on Empyrion. Build your spacecraft and visit planets teeming with extraterrestrial life and land. In this space exploration and survival game, you may construct bases, extract resources, and fight both on Earth and in space. Fans of the space and survival genres will find it a broad experience due to its sci-fi setting and freedom to explore and construct.

The Infected

Steam Rating: 9/10

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The Infected is a survival crafting game with an open universe called Sandbox. Humans have become "Vampires," or vampiric zombies, due to an outbreak. While defending against these animals, you must balance your basic survival demands. The game focuses on creating, constructing, and exploring an environment where you must continually balance the threat the infected poses and the necessity to gather materials and make. To keep things fresh, it provides a variety of survival mechanisms along with a distinct adversary.

Night of the Dead

Steam Rating: 9/10

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Take on the role of Lucy, who awakens to find herself in a zombie-infested metropolis. Building bases, crafting, and engaging in wave-based warfare all come together in Night of the Dead to create a problematic survival game. More powerful hordes arrive every night, so you have to keep enhancing your castle and tactics. This game will test your fighting, resource management, and strategic planning abilities.


Metacritic Score: 80 out of 100

Steam URL

Among the many themes explored in Rust are alliances, domination, and survival. Players must survive by gathering materials, crafting gear, and constructing structures after being thrown into a harsh world while naked. It has a reputation for violent player interactions, difficult survival mechanics, and a gorgeous but dangerous setting. Player against player fighting and massive community involvement are commonplace in the hardcore game Rust.

State of Decay 2

Steam Rating: 9/10

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State of Decay 2 is a survival fantasy focused on the community. You command a small group of survivors as you strive to establish a society and survive in a zombie-infested world. It focuses on community leadership, character development, resource management, and base building. Concentrate on each survivor's abilities and characteristics, which impact how your community develops and endures, makes the game unique.

Don't Starve Together

Rating on Steam: 10/10

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This is Don't Starve, the demanding wilderness survival game, expanded for multiplayer. It keeps the original's complex survival rules and distinctive Tim Burton-esque graphical style, letting you overcome obstacles with companions. Gather materials, make things, and venture into the weird and unsettling environment full of odd animals. It's a multiplayer game that blends survival, strategy, and creativity into an incredibly captivating experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes these games comparable to 7 Days to Die?

They all feature essential survival components, such as resource collecting, base development, and continual danger from the environment or adversaries. Each game has its distinct twist, delivering various experiences within the survival genre.

Can you play these games with others?

Most games have multiplayer features, so you may cooperate with pals to stay alive. For more on multiplayer options and features, see the descriptions of each game.

Are these games compatible with consoles?

Numerous games may be found on other platforms, including gaming consoles. Verify whether the particular game is available on the platform of your choice.

What level of complexity do these games have?

The degree of difficulty varies depending on the game; some have adjustable levels, while others are renowned for their brutal gameplay. When selecting a match, consider your comfort level with survival mechanisms and challenging gameplay.

A Final Word

Play games like 7 Days to Die for an exciting trip through dangerous realms and difficult settings. There's a survival game on our list for every taste, be it the mystery of uncharted worlds, the perils of prehistoric ages, or the devastation of post-apocalyptic settings. Recall that surviving is the first step towards thriving; you'll need strategy, ingenuity, and a solid drive to live. Cheers to surviving!

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