Top 5 Axe Throwing Games and How to Play

Top 5 Axe Throwing Games and How to Play

Axe throwing? Picture this: a once mighty battle skill transformed into the pulse of social gatherings and friendly showdowns. Not just throwing metal into the wood but the art of hitting your mark where precision meets power. Let's slice into the top 5 axe games with everyone hooked, unpacking tips to nail that bullseye with gusto.

1. Traditional Target Throwing

Overview: At its heart, this is axe throwing stripped down to basics – just you, the axe, and the target. It is great for first-timers and those who know their way around an axe handle. Pure and simple: launch that axe and rake in points when it sticks!

How to Play:

Equip Yourself: Grab a trusty axe. Inspect it. You want it sharp and steady.

Take Your Position: Toe the line about a room's length from your wooden foe.

Aim and Throw: Eyes on the prize! Axe in hand, swing it back and let fly, aiming to make that axe head do a neat spin right into the bullseye.

Scoring: Closer to the centre means more points. It's a ring thing – the bullseye is your best friend here.

2. Around the World

Overview: This one's a journey – hitting the target's parts in order. It's a brilliant route to becoming a sharpshooter, favoured by those who've got the basics down and are gunning for mastery.

How to Play:

Objective: Your mission – strike each slice of the target following a set trail.

Sequence: Plot your course. Inside out or outside in? Your call.

Rules: Only move forward if you've hit your mark. Miss? Oops, you might have to do a repeat or take a penalty.

3. Killshots Only

Overview: For thrill-seekers chasing an accuracy adrenaline rush. "Killshots Only" zero in on bite-sized bullseyes for those who fancy a challenge.

How to Play:

Target: Within the usual bullseye, spot the tiny zones marked for kill shots.

Rules: Only points on the board are earned by nailing those minuscule marks.

Strategy: You've got a few tries – make them count. Think brilliant – precision over power.

4. H-O-R-S-E (Axe Edition)

Have you ever played H-O-R-S-E with a basketball? Well, axes are the new hoops. Challenge pals with crafty shots and watch them sweat, trying to match you.

How to Play:

First Shot: Leadoff with a quirky toss that sets the bar.

Copycat: Next in line tries the same shot – no pressure!

Scoring: Miss, you're one step closer to spelling "HORSE" and sitting out.

Variations: Get fancy with not just where but how you throw.

5. Timed Trials

It's a race against the clock, blending fast throws with dead-eye aim—a test of keeping calm when every tick-tock counts.

How to Play:

Setup: Clock's set – usually a minute. Get ready.

Objective: Rack up points before the buzzer.

Strategy: Quick flicks for high fliers or steadied shots for sure points? It's time to make a game plan.

Honing Your Skills

Nailing axes takes more than luck – it's about the finesse of your toss, the plant of your feet, and the safety rules you've got memorized. Consider these pointers:

Technique Matters: It's all about refining your stance, grip, and release – your golden trio for bullseye bliss.

Safety First: Keep it injury-free. Pay attention to do's and don'ts!

Patience: The best didn't get there after a while. Relish every throw, every improvement.

Join a League: Imagine a gang where everyone loves throwing sharp things as much as you. Leagues are it.

Relax and Have Fun: Don't Remember, games are for kicks and giggles. Chill out and enjoy the company and the thrill.

Final Thoughts

So, what's axe throwing? It's more than a sport – a clan of like-minded adventurers, camaraderie in the competition, old-school ways reviving in backyards and alleys. Veteran or newbie, these games serve up-skill, strategy, and suspense on a platter. So grab that axe, set your sight, and dive into the heart-stopping world of axe throwing.

2 months ago