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What is esports ?

Esports turns competitive video games into a spectator sport. Esports was once just a niche within the wider gaming industry, however its explosion in popularity over the last few years has catapulted it into an industry of its own. Esports is expected to grow to an audience of more than 530 million this year.

The easiest way to introduce those who do not know anything about Esports is to take a football league and replace the physical contact sport with two teams of gamers playing against each other, but leave 100% of everything else the same. That means the huge global audiences, production standards, the marketing, the advertising, the performances, the analytics, the broadcasting, the camera crews, the ticketing office, the broadcast, and so much more.


Our Goals

Much like our name would suggest, HEET has been founded by gamers with an incredible (fiery) passion for the Esports industry. We will leave our mark across every title we compete in. Our passion fuels our ambition to become the very best we can be. Put simply this means becoming a Tier 1 organisation, not just in game but across all aspects of our business.

No matter where this journey takes us, our focus will always be our community. Remaining connected to our tribe and being authentic to the fans that support us.

To become the best, we need to beat the best. Esports is at its core a platform to compete, we need to put our teams and players in the best possible situations to perform. This means supporting them both inside and outside of the game.

Board Members
Tim Buysse
Founder / CEO
Gilles De Moor
Co - Founder / CFO
Mario Haneca
Stefan Otte
Head of Marketing
Kevin De Wilde
Advisory Board Member
Niels Vandecasteele
Advisory Board Member