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Who we are
Want to be a part of the team writing cheesy taglines for the careers page rather than just the person reading them? You’re in luck, you can find our job openings below! If you believe you could bring a skillset we don’t have listed, we’re always open to bringing on exceptional people, don’t hesitate in firing over a message to :
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Graphic Design Intern

Creative Team


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Our values


Without our staff, HEET couldn’t be where it is today, people matter more than anything. We want to look after our colleagues and build great relationships, making our work environment the most enjoyable place it possibly can be.


They say love what you do and you’ll never work a day in your life. Well that couldn’t be any truer for our industry, we love gaming, we love esports and above all else we love what we do!


Collaboration is at the core of everything we do as a team, we pride ourselves on always being open to hearing our team’s ideas. Then giving them the platform support to execute those ideas


Giving up isn’t an option. Not everything will go according to plan, we will have incredibly tight deadlines and small windows to react to situations as they develop. We are working in an incredibly young industry, the work isn’t easy but it is incredibly rewarding.