HEET VALORANT's Journey in Coupe De France: Overcoming Challenges and Embracing the Experience


Experience the thrilling highs and unexpected twists in HEET's journey throughout the Coupe De France tournament. Despite facing hurdles along the way, our team remained determined to give their best performance and make the most of every opportunity. 


Due to a visa problem, we had to make a unique decision: play with our coach. However, this didn't dampen our spirits. Our primary goal was to have fun and extract valuable lessons from the experience, regardless of the circumstances.



The path to the Semi-Finals was no easy feat. We had to win five games to secure our spot, and each match brought its own share of excitement. Despite the challenges, we succeeded in embracing our goal of enjoying ourselves throughout the entire tournament. Our opponents, the formidable players at Bonk, provided us with a worthy challenge. Playing against them allowed us to identify our weaknesses and strategize on how to improve.


Although it wasn't the ideal situation for us, we made the match engaging and adapted to the circumstances as best we could. To the players at Bonk, we appreciate the intense competition and look forward to future encounters. Good game!



Participating in Coupe De France was a remarkable experience for our team. Once again, we entered the tournament without any specific expectations, using it as an opportunity for growth. Every member of our team learned valuable lessons from this competition, making it a well-played tournament overall.