Horizon Forbidden West Review: A Visual Feast

Horizon Forbidden West Review: A Visual Feast

Prepare to immerse yourself in a realm unlike any other. Horizon Forbidden West, the successor to the much-adored Horizon Zero Dawn, fulfills every promise it whispers and surpasses them. It's an odyssey of epic proportions, weaving together breathtaking visuals with a storyline that grips and refuses to let go, delivering an unmatched gaming experience.

An Ode to Visual Splendor

Every pixel on the screen, every movement, every glint of light - it's an artwork in motion.


Transport yourself to the majestic wildernesses of post-apocalyptic America, where nature has reclaimed her throne. The landscapes in Horizon Forbidden West aren't just to be seen; they're to be felt. As you traverse the verdant jungles of California and ascend the frosty summits of Colorado, you'll find interactive surroundings that don't just serve as a backdrop but play an integral role in your adventure. Use the world to your advantage, from deploying smoke screens with raging fires to setting devastating traps with tumbling rocks.

Character Models

Aloy, our fiery-haired heroine, returns with even more detail and lifelike qualities. Her every emotion, every subtle facial nuance, is rendered in staggering detail. Her attire ripples with the wind; her hair flows naturally, making you forget she's but a collection of pixels and codes. And Aloy isn't alone – every character in this masterpiece shines with meticulous detail and realism.


Seamless, fluid, and impeccable. Whether experiencing the saga on a PS4 or luxuriating in the enhanced visuals and performance on the PS5, the game never disappoints. Particularly on the PS5, you have the luxury of choice: revel in the smoothness of Performance Mode or feast your eyes on the sheer visual opulence of Fidelity Mode.

Dive Deep into a Riveting Tale

Narratives have the power to make or break a game. Here, the tale doesn't just captivate; it ensnares.


Venture alongside Aloy, the heart and soul of our story, whose complexities and depth make her one of gaming's most beloved figures. But the world is rich with personalities, from the steadfast and loyal Varl to a cavalcade of new faces, each bringing their essence and nuance to the evolving narrative.


A stirring symphony of surprises, Horizon Forbidden West, commences where its predecessor left off. But what awaits is a tale of even greater scope and depth as Aloy journeys to the enigmatic Forbidden West in a race against time and fate. Secrets of the old world, challenges of the new, and the looming shadow of a relentless epidemic - it's a story that's as vast as the horizon itself.

Engage, Explore, Emerge Victorious

The game isn't just about witnessing a story. It's about living it.


Delve into battles that are fluid dances of destruction. With a versatile arsenal at your disposal and foes that challenge your every tactic, combat in Horizon Forbidden West is a constantly evolving puzzle of strategy and reflexes.


Your wits will be tested as you decipher this expansive landscape's intricate puzzles. From the elemental riddles presented by nature to the machinations of ancient technology, every challenge feels fresh, pushing you to think, adapt, and overcome.

In Retrospect

This isn't merely a game. It's an experience, a journey, an odyssey. For lovers of expansive RPGs and those who drool at visual grandeur, Horizon Forbidden West is not just a must-play. It's a must-live.

Wrapping it up

All said and done, Horizon Forbidden West isn't just a worthy successor to its predecessor; it's a beacon, a gold standard for what games can and should aspire to be. Every element, from its visual poetry to its compelling narrative, is crafted with love, care, and attention to detail that is simply staggering. Dive in and lose yourself in a world both familiar and very alien. Welcome to the Forbidden West.

2 months ago