Turn Your Irrelevant CS Skins Into a Valuable Item

Turn Your Irrelevant CS Skins Into a Valuable Item

What Is Skin Changer And How Do You Use It for Profit?

Do you have irrelevant skins? With a skin changer, you can turn them into a single valuable item. Let’s see how it works!

What’s Skin Changer?

Skin changer is an augmented version of contracts. Instead of exchanging your bunch of items into a random skin, it allows you to pick what you want. You can access skin changers only through non-Valve platforms. These are case-opening sites, trading platforms, online marketplaces, and similar portals.

How Does Skin Changer Work?

It’s a simple process described in just 6 points. Let’s look at it from start (finding a skin changer) to finish (managing your new skins):

Find a skin-changing site. There are lots of skin changers online, but we write this guide drawing on this skin changer. According to our testing, it’s 100% safe and fair. You can use other sites; just research them to ensure they won’t steal your data.

Sign In. Open a skin-changing site and click “Sign In”. It will ask you to log into your Steam account, which you next verify via email; Input skins you want to change. Open the deposit page, choose “Skin2Pay,” and pick skins for changing. Ensure they cost over $1, which is the minimum value to change.

Approve a trade offer. Skin2Pay will send you a trade offer with the skins you’ve marked. Accept it in your Steam account.

Pick the skin you want. Once your skins upload, the site will count their value and let you pick a single skin matching it.

Manage the reward. You can leave an exchanged item at the trading site for further manipulation (upgrade, skin changer, trading, etc.) or send it to your Steam to sell, trade, or use in matches.

But what skins may you get from the changer? This question requires a separate paragraph.

What Skins Can You Get?

Skin changer can reward you with any skin as long as it’s in the site’s pool. Such may include:

  • Gloves – starting from cheap Hydra and finishing with iconic Superconductor and Spearmint skins;
  • Knives – all sorts of form factors (Bayonet, Talon, Butterfly, Karambit, etc.) and popular patterns (Ruby, Sapphire, Case Hardened, Crimson Web, etc.);
  • Gun skins – AK - 47 Case Hardened, M4A4 Howl, AWP Asiimov, M4A1-S Hyper Beast, and others.
  • But there’s more. As you get skins from the site’s item pool, you may get items that aren’t available on other trading platforms, such as AWP Dragon Lore, CZ75 Auto Chalice , etc. However, we can’t guarantee that these skins will be in your offer.

How to Use a Skin Changer?

Based on what you’ve just learned, there are 2 logical uses for skin changers. These are:

  • To get rid of irrelevant items. Do you have many cheap items you don’t use and are lazy to sell/trade? Skin changers will help. Just smack them into the trade to get something more exciting. Don’t like what you’ve got? Input the item into the changer again for another pick.
  • To fish for rare items. Are you a skin collector who needs a few gems to finish your search? Skin changer will get you them. Ensure that your traded items match the value of an item you fish for (according to the Steam market) and change. Attempt it in intervals. Thus, the site’s item pool will refresh, increasing your chances of getting the desired skin.

Whichever of these methods you use, you’ll often encounter a case when the value of your items is bigger than of what you change them into. Sites solve this problem differently. Most will fill the gap with their bonus currency.

What do You Need a Site’s Bonus Currency For?

Bonus currency opens several options for you. First, it’s cases. You may use it to buy and open several boxes. What’s it for? You can send the skins you get to your Steam account or input them into further exchanges.

Secondly, bonus currency unlocks a bonus shop. It’s where you can buy skins directly, but they won’t be very expensive. Skin changers just don’t accumulate enough currency.

However, you can compensate for that by taking a little risk. That’s what giveaways provide. To participate in them, input a minimum currency and wait for the draw.

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