How to Connect Speakers to Your X Rocker Gaming Chair

How to Connect Speakers to Your X Rocker Gaming Chair

X Rocker chairs are at the forefront of gaming furniture, offering an extensive range featuring innovation, quality, and cutting-edge technology, including gaming chairs designed with built-in speakers to elevate the gaming experience. These chairs not only enhance gameplay with immersive sound but also improve comfort, allowing gamers to perceive in-game details with exceptional clarity and react swiftly.

Understanding how to connect your X Rocker gaming chair with speakers can transform your gaming setup, with the brand itself providing comprehensive guidance through manuals and video tutorials on their website. This article will delve into the steps required for connecting your X Rocker to various devices, ensuring you get the most out of your gaming chair's audio capabilities.

Key Features and Design

Setting up an X Rocker gaming chair typically involves the following steps:

  1. Unbox the chair and lay out all the parts.
  2. Assemble the chair base, typically by attaching the legs or wheels.
  3. Attach the seat back to the chair base.
  4. Connect any additional accessories, such as armrests or headrests.
  5. Plug in any necessary cables for power and audio connections.

It's important to consult the specific instructions provided with your X Rocker gaming chair, as the setup process may vary slightly depending on the model. If you encounter any difficulties during setup, referring to the manufacturer's instructions or contacting their customer support can be helpful.


All of our audio gaming chairs are compatible with most major game consoles and audio devices, including: PlayStation, Xbox and Switch.



All of the audio gaming chairs are supplied with an easy to follow, step-by-step instruction manual. Please follow the guide to the best of your ability, and if something’s still not right – please contact our support team using our Support Form.

How To Assemble Your X Rocker Office Chair

Only 1 device can be paired to X Rocker at a time, to pair X Rocker with a mobile device, refer to the Bluetooth paring procedurs in corresponding mobile phone or music player user manual and follow the steps below:

• Make sure there are no wires or leads that are inserted into your device before using Bluetooth.

• Make sure the band(A6) is on “ ” position, and blue Bluetooth indicator light is flashing rapidly on the control panel.

• Select the device name “ X Rocker ” on the screen of your device, add the unit to your device’s paired device list.

• When pairing is successful, the blue LED indicator(A13) will stay on, if you play music, the indicator(A13) will be slowly flashing.

• Confirm the connection on your device.

• Your X Rocker is now connected and ready to play music! Just play music on your device as you normally would and the sound will came out of X Rocker! Once BLUETOOTH devices are paired, there is no need for pairing again, Keep in mind that X Rocker has a 30 feet / 10 meters range. Changing connected device: If you want to switch from one device to another, follow the steps below:

• End the existing Bluetooth connection with the connected device, access the Bluetooth Manager and disable the Bluetooth function of the device.

• The X Rocker can now be connected to a different device.

• Follow the directions in “ Pairing your X Rocker ” to connect a different device. Bluetooth License The Bluetooth® word mark and logos are registered trademarks owned by Bluetooth SIG Inc. and any use of such marks by Ace Bayou Corporation is under license. Other trademarks and trade names are those of their respective owners.

X Rocker

Wireless Connection

If you use the console’s Component or AV cable: For direct connection to a game console, fit the mini-plug end of the B4 Mini Plug-RCA adapter to the Rocker’s transmitter. Fit the RCA socket ends to the the red and white audio plugs of the component or AV cable.If they are plugged into the TV, remove them, leaving the yellow video cable in place.

•If you use HDMI connection to the TV: Fit the rocker’s transmitter to an available audio-out on the TV, using the appropriate connector mini-plug to mini-plug for the headset audio-out, or mini plug -to-RCA for RCA audio-out.

•Other sound sources: Connect transmitter to MP3 players or handheld games using mini plug-to-mini plug connector. For other devices such as stereo amplifiers, locate the most suitable audio output. Connectors compatible with most sound sources are included with your X Rocker

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